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Introducing our cutting-edge HW28 Smartwatch – the perfect fusion of style, functionality, and affordability. This sleek and modern timepiece is designed to be your ultimate companion, seamlessly managing both your health and smart lifestyle through its dedicated app. Boasting a contemporary design, our Smartwatch effortlessly complements your style.

The accompanying app simplifies the management of health and smartwatch functionalities, providing a user-friendly interface for seamless control. Powered by advanced software, this Smartwatch offers a range of features that cater to your diverse needs, all while maintaining an accessible price point. Enjoy the convenience of an impressive battery life, allowing you to use your Smartwatch for 7 to 10 days on a single charge in standby mode.

Engineered with daily activities in mind, our Smartwatch is IP67 water-resistant, though it's important to note it's not suitable for swimming. Functionality is at the forefront, with features like Smart Remote Control for managing devices remotely, Dial Music for controlling music playback, and a Smart Split Screen Display for an enhanced user experience.

Keep a close eye on your health with blood sugar monitoring, exercise mode for accurate workout tracking, message reminders, fatigue calculator, and real-time weather updates – all accessible directly from your wrist. Our Smartwatch is more than just a timekeeping device; it's your gateway to a smarter, healthier lifestyle. With its seamless blend of style, advanced features, and accessibility, this Smartwatch is set to elevate your daily life.

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Strap Size: 260*20*26(mm)

Dial Size: 36(mm)

  1. Unboxing:
    Open the package and locate the QR code on the packaging.
  2. Scan QR Code:
    Use your smartphone to scan the QR code using a QR code scanner app. This will direct you to the app download page.
  3. Download App:
    Download and install the app associated with the HW28 Smartwatch from the provided link.
  4. Bluetooth Connection:
    Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  5. Open App:
    Open the downloaded app on your smartphone.
  6. Follow On-Screen Instructions:
    Follow the on-screen instructions within the app to pair your HW28 Smartwatch with your phone via Bluetooth.
  7. Sync and Set Up:
    Once connected, the app may prompt you to sync data or set up your smartwatch. Follow the prompts to complete the process.
  8. Enjoy:
    Your HW28 Smartwatch is now connected to your phone. Enjoy the features and functionalities provided by the smartwatch and the associated app.
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Make this Year Your Healthiest!

Elevate your well-being with the HW28 Smartwatch, a sophisticated companion designed to prioritize your health and fitness journey. This cutting-edge device seamlessly integrates health-focused features, including real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, and blood pressure tracking. The HW28 empowers you to gain valuable insights into your fitness levels, helping you make informed decisions for a healthier lifestyle. With its built-in pedometer, the smartwatch diligently records your daily steps and calorie burn, encouraging an active routine. Set personalized fitness goals and receive motivational reminders, fostering a proactive approach to your physical well-being. The HW28 Smartwatch is not just a timekeeping accessory; it's a holistic health companion committed to supporting your journey towards a balanced and vibrant life.



Sleek Design and Fitness Focus

The HW28 smartwatch impresses with its sleek design and a strong emphasis on fitness features. The slim and lightweight build makes it comfortable for everyday wear. With a range of fitness tracking capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and various sport modes, the HW28 caters to users prioritizing their health and well-being. The customizable watch faces add a touch of personalization, making it a well-rounded choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Efficient Battery Life

The HW28 stands out with its efficient battery management. With up to 7 days of typical use, users can rely on consistent performance without the frequent need for charging. The smartwatch strikes a balance between battery life and functionality, making it suitable for users who value long-lasting performance. Whether for daily activity tracking or occasional use, the HW28's battery life adds to its appeal.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating the HW28 is a smooth experience, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The responsive touchscreen, coupled with intuitive menus, ensures easy access to various functions. The inclusion of smartphone notifications keeps users connected on the go. For those seeking a straightforward smartwatch with a focus on fitness and usability, the HW28 proves to be a reliable companion.


The HW28 employs advanced sensors on the underside of the watch to continuously monitor your heart rate, providing real-time data for comprehensive health tracking.

Yes, the smartwatch is equipped with sleep analysis features, offering insights into your sleep patterns and quality.

The HW28 comes with a built-in pedometer to track your daily steps and calorie burn, encouraging an active lifestyle.

The water resistance level may vary, and it's advisable to check the product specifications. In general, it is recommended to avoid submerging the watch in water.

Refer to the user manual for step-by-step instructions on setting personalized fitness goals and receiving motivational reminders.

Yes, the smartwatch is designed to sync with your smartphone, allowing you to receive call and message notifications directly on your wrist.

Most smartwatches, including the HW28, offer customizable watch faces. Check the user manual or accompanying app for instructions on changing watch faces.

Yes, the HW28 is designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, enhancing its versatility across various devices.

Prefer The Classic Watch Look?

Embrace timeless elegance and modern functionality with the HW28 Classic Smartwatch, a fusion of traditional design and cutting-edge health features. This watch seamlessly marries the sophistication of a classic timepiece with the advanced capabilities of a smart device. Beyond its refined aesthetics, the HW28 offers essential health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, and blood pressure tracking. With a traditional watch face, stainless steel casing, and genuine leather strap, the HW28 exudes a sense of traditional craftsmanship while discreetly housing the technology needed to monitor your well-being. Transition effortlessly between classic style and modern convenience, as this watch not only keeps you punctual but also empowers you to prioritize your health in a sophisticated manner.

Customer Reviews

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HW28 Budget-Friendly Marvel

A budget smartwatch with premium features. HW28 offers exceptional value, blending style, functionality, and affordability seamlessly.

HW28 Music Control

Swipe right for music controls. Convenient for on-the-go audio adjustments. A modest feature for music enthusiasts.

HW28 Menu Styles

Five menu styles to suit your taste. From bubble icons to striped grids, adapt the interface to match your style.

HW28 Health Guru

Multi-sport modes, heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, blood pressure tracking. A fitness-focused smartwatch on a budget.

Notifications On Wrist

Clear, readable notifications on your wrist. No missing out on calls, messages, or social media updates.

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